Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to the webpage of the book

    "Machine learning in analysis of biomedical and socio-economic data" (MLABSED 2017)!

    Best regards,
    scientific editors,
    Naidenova X.A., Military Medical Academy, Senior scientist, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering

    Yakovlev A.V., Military Medical Academy, Head of research laboratory, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering 

    Shvetsov K.V., Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Professor, Candidate of Sciences in  Economics

    technical editor,
    Parkhomenko V.A., Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Software engineer

    • Call for chapters

      Authors are encouraged to submit short or long research papers
      to MLABSED book, which is going to be published  
       at the beginning of 2018
      in Publishing-polygraphic center of

      Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU).

      Important dates:

      1 february 2017  5 may 2018 (extended, hard deadline) chapter submission deadline (a pdf via Easychair)
      15 march 2017  15 may 2018 (extended, hard deadline) notification of acceptance/rejection
      1 april 2017  20 may 2018 (extended, hard deadline) final chapter (camera-ready) submission (a pdf via Easychair and a zip file with chapter \( \LaTeX2e \) source via email)

      The deadlines are not extendable, because of the expiry date of Easychair licence and the neccesity to submit the book to the Web of Science till the summer.

      Types of research papers (in Russian or in English):
      • Short 18-23 pages;
      • Long 28-38 pages. 

      The book will be sent to
      • Сlarivate Analytics for evaluation in Web of Science Core Collection (Book Citation index);
      • Elibrary for evaluation in Russian Science Citation Index (and free full texts distribution); 
      • SPbPU DOI center for providing persistent identifiers;
      • SPbPU Library for free full texts distribution.

      MLABSED topics include but are not restricted to:

      • Theoretical problems of machine learning in biomedical and socio-economic investigations:
        • foundations;
        • algorithms;
        • data preprocessing;
        • visualization;
        • big data;
      • Applications of machine learning in biomedical and socio-economic investigations:
        • correlations between the body indicators; 
        • evaluation and forecasting of the body conditions;
        • investigation of the body indicators impact on skills, performance...
        • data mining in biotechnologies
        • educational data mining
      • Infrastructure of machine learning in biomedical and socio-economic investigations:
        • software;
        • hardware ... 

      Third call for chapters in Russian (Третье письмо-приглашение принять участие в главе).

      • Submission

        Chapters are required to be submitted via the following Easychair web-page:

        Please, use the following 

        - LaTeX2e template:

        - Author guide:

         Online introduction to LaTeX2e (free without certificate). Курс на русском.

        The camera-ready (accepted and improved) chapter pdf should be uploaded via Easychair. 

        The  LaTeX2e source of the camera-ready chapter should be archived in zip and sent by email to Vladimir DOT Parkhomenko AT spbstu DOT ru.  

         Non-russian authors will be provided with help for translation of the title and abstract in Russian.
         Russian authors are asked to prepare the Expert conclusion for open publishing. Example.
         Technical editor will prepare expert conclusions for all SPbPU authors (however, please, respect the Russian law).

        • Publication policy

          Submitted chapters should be

          • new;
          • scientific;
          • without plagiarism;
          • in scope of book topics.

          Reviewing process

          Chapter approvement for publishing in the book is based on three-five evaluations done by:

          1. Editors.
          2. Authors (cross-reviewing).
          3. Invited reviewers for separate chapters. 
          4. Two honored reviewers for all chapters.

          Honored reviewers of MLABSED:

          Viacheslav Shkodyrev, Doctor of Sciences in Engineering, SPbPU 

          Reviewers for chapters of MLABSED:

          Igor Belykh, Candidate of  Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, SPbPU,

          Elena Benderskaya, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering, SPbPU,

          Kirill Nikitin, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering, SPbPU, 

          Vadim Pak, Candidate of  Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, SPbPU,

          to be continued...

          • Acknowledgements

            Editors and authors are very grateful to

            • Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University for the publishing and information support;
            • Easychair for the submission and reviewing processes support (with Free Licence);
            • Invited reviewers for the comprehensive study and improvement of the book chapters.  

            • Chapters and author information

              to be announced after the book publishing.